Bunny Sitting Ideas

While Friends of Rabbits offers pet sitting services, many times we are overbooked, especially around the holidays.  If Friends of Rabbits is unable to care for your rabbits, there are other options available.  Here are some suggestions from our volunteers:
Luna's House Baltimore (in-house boarding, good for special needs).  I don't have a sitter but board them at FoR or Luna's House. One of my rabbits has some chronic stasis issues so I need a place with a vet readily accessible just in case.  They are a no-kill rescue that has a building with boarding areas.  They have bunnies for adoption.  I think 6-ish bunny boarding spaces available?  They board dogs, cats, etc too.

Fetch! Silver Spring (Lorena) for at-home visits.  I've used Fetch! Pet for weekends away.  I ask them to come to the house twice a day & they spend 30 minutes each time. They always leave a note of how things went & what they did while there.  Fetch! Pet will match you with a sitter knowledgeable for your needs.  Lorena is our sitter and she's great.  She's a bunny Mom herself!  All sitters have had background checks from Fetch (you give them a key to your home) and are authorized to get your pet medical treatment if they deem it necessary.  We've had positive experiences! We have a bunny monitor in the ex pen and I can see the buns binky when Lorena arrives.  It's pricey but since one of our rabbits is really anxious I think it's better to leave them at home than in a strange place.

The Pet Elf based in the Reston and Herndon area. We have a wonderful sitter named Kayla, who comes and stays the night while we are away. We have 2 bunnies, 4 birds and 1 cat so we really like having someone who shows up at dinner and doesn't leave until after breakfast.

A&B's Pampered Pets in Howard County.  We use A&B's Pampered Pets and I LOVE THEM!  They are very professional and communicative.  They're insured and bonded.  The staff is consistent (same few folks for the almost ten years we've used them).  They are very comfortable with giving meds - even to uncooperative rabbits.   They also don't overbook themselves, so if they find a suddenly sick animal they have time to take care of them. They know the importance of socialization and they never dump food and run, they always spend some time with my rabbits. Most importantly, they really do love rabbits (and all animals, it seems).   I highly highly recommend them!!
primary contact: Melissa Baar

Divine's Pet Care  in Dulles VA.  Divine's Pet Care does awesome bunny sitting. I have used Darby before, the bunnies get deluxe accommodations and great meals. She knows bunnies and takes great care of them!!! They also do grooming.  Dr. Costanzo from SEAVS has also recommended Divine's for grooming and boarding, and I believe they have her card at the front desk (not something they do for just anyone).